Recommendations for Pastor Steve Roll

“Pastor Steve is a life-saving instrument used by God. He helps and equips you to win the battles and trials you are going through. Pastor Steve is very honest, never candy coating how good or bad your situation might be. The best thing is that he is there to love and support you all the way through your trial. God used Steve to help us get through some tough challenges in our lives. His ministry has been life changing for us. We are better, stronger people.

Pastor Steve Roll is more than just a friend, mentor, cheerleader and encourager. He is our hero. Thank you so much Pastor. We love you. “
Patrick and Charlotte Shannon

“My wife and I came to Restoration Ministries as a sort of last ditch effort to save our marriage. What came out of our time with Steve Roll has been the best thing we have every experienced as a couple. Our relationship has been healed and restored. My wife and I now communicate on a whole new level and try to serve one another which we had not done before.

Steve Roll is straightforward, speaks the truth in love, and is a cheerleader who brings hope and wisdom from the Bible. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Steve’s care and counsel. I can’t say enough about Steve and Restoration Ministries and how it has made me and better man, husband and father.
Jason Lange

After a terrible disappointment in my marriage, me and my family as a very last resort began to attend church regularly. The church recommended Steve Roll as a pastoral counselor who could help us restore our marriage. I am so grateful for all I have learned through Restoration Ministries. Pastor Steve didn’t intimidate us with the Bible. Instead, he showed us how much God loves us and our family. We see clearly now that our marriage had to have a serious breakdown to bring us home to God and build us up to be the Christians we should be.

Jason and I came to Pastor Steve to restore our marriage. What we really received was a restoration of our entire sense of family and a restoration of our relationship with God. So thankful and so blessed!
Brandi Lange

“Steve Roll’s inspiring story of victory over adversity and depression in his book Holy Burnout will motivate hurting people to seek the healing power of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell, Founder / The John Maxwell Company

“Steve Roll’s background and experience at overcoming adversity, and his heart’s desire to help others achieve all that God has ordained for them, have enabled him to step into a unique place of restoration ministry. Steve has the ability to convey the Word of God in such a way that both inspire and mentor others to the practical relevance of God’s principles to their lives.”

Ron Miller / President, CEO Midwest Precision, Inc.
Executive VP of the International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen

“I have known Steve for years and value his friendship and ministry greatly. Steve has a tremendous ability in relating to people and helping them to apply God’s Word to circumstances facing them.”

Rev. Steve Moore, Executive Pastor
Victory Christian Fellowship

“Steve’s background as an exceptionally gifted pastor, counselor and author uniquely qualify him with a message of hope, healing and encouragement.”

Mike Carter / Marketing

“It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend the ministry of Steve Roll. Steve is a wonderful brother in the Lord who has a great passion to see hurting people healed and restored in every dimension of their lives. Rooted strongly in Scripture and seasoned through experience, Steve brings great wisdom and insight when he ministers. In addition, Steve brings vibrancy and enthusiasm that will bless all who have the privilege of receiving from his ministry.”

Rev. Tony Cooke / Tony Cooke Ministries

I have worked on a church staff for 8 years and now I own my own business – and Pastor Steve has been one of my most valued mentors through it all. I love how easy he is to talk to and how he is compassionate yet direct with truth from God’s Word and solid life principles. I consider him both a pastor and a friend and I am grateful for both.

Mark Collier / Owner, Big Blue Designs

“Life can leave us black and blue. And yet we have a brother born for adversity (Proverbs 17:17) in Pastor Steve Roll. Pastor Steve’s overwhelming desire and passion is to see the joy of the Lord restored in people’s lives. Steve helped to build me up when I faced dark days in my ministry.

I am being blessed through a ministerial mentoring relationship with Pastor Steve that began four years ago. I have learned that hurting people can be healed, restored and renewed through the power of God’s restoring love. God restored me through Pastor Steve’s ministry. Now I am sharing what I have learned from him with my congregation.

If you want to rejoice in the Lord again, I heartily recommend Restoration Ministries.”
Pastor Jeff Norton, Northridge Fellowship, Jerome, Idaho

I sought Pastor Steve Roll for counsel during the hardest time of my life. My personal life and marriage was in trouble. After meeting with Steve the first time, I knew he was the right person to guide and encourage me. Pastor Steve is a straight shooter. He speaks the truth in love, never sugar coating anything, but calling things what they are. He helped me to face myself and what I could do to change. Steve directed me to God’s Word for the personal healing, restoration and renewal I needed.

My wife Lisa and I chose Pastor Steve to assist us with our marriage after I spent time with him. He took us through scripture and shared principles with us that healed our relationship. Our entire family has been restored and renewed according to the biblical truth Steve shared with us.

Thank you Pastor Steve for what you did for helping restore me and my family, for bringing us back to the Lord.
Gary and Lisa Merrill

“I had the privilege of spending time with Pastor Roll, talking out some of my worst fears and deepest hurts. Those appointments with him were some of the sweetest and most life-changing times in my life. Pastor Roll’s compassionate, wise counsel helped me to see the hurtful negative things that happened in my life, the people who had hurt me, betrayed and abused me. And he showed me that even the bad decisions I had made, did not define me, they did not determine my worth and value as a Christian.

I thank God for using Pastor Roll to help me find the girl that was locked up inside and set her free. Pastor Roll showed me the unconditional love of Jesus Christ that is bigger than any disappointment, hurt or betrayal. I am healed, restored, renewed and dreaming again!

I highly recommend Pastor Roll and Restoration Ministries.”
Athena Grace

“Steve Roll’s heart is consumed with a desire to see people restored to what God intended. He handles sensitive situations with firm convictions and a high regard for personal responsibility, while retaining compassion for the person. He is honestly enthusiastic and energetic. Above all his skills and talents, Steve brings a wise, loving heart and solid character to all he does.”

Dr. Stuart Holderness / Licensed Professional Counselor

“Pastor Steve Roll has been a close friend for over ten years. During that time I have seen him go through many ups and downs in the ministry, but I have always seen him stand strong in the Lord. His ability to hold on to hope and contend for God’s best is a wonderful gift from the Lord. Steve has encouraged and ministered to me and my family through our ups and downs. He is a true ‘Encourager’ in the faith. I highly recommend Restoration Ministries and Pastor Steve Roll to anyone who needs a fresh touch from the Lord.”

Mark T. Mueller
Director of Administration/Development
Sower of Seeds International Ministries

“Steve Roll is an outstanding communicator. He has the ability to get your attention and keep it–leaving you wanting more! I have known Steve Roll for years. He has passion and the God-given insight to communicate on every level. He is a man of integrity who has greatly impacted my life and my family. Steve will always be Pastor Roll to me.”

Mike Kankelfritz / Radio Show Host