About Pastor Steve and Restoration Ministries

Founded in 1994, Restoration Ministries is Biblically-based and Christ-centered, reaching out with God’s love and compassion to hurting people who desire to be healed and renewed. Any person who is hurting and seeks the healing love of God will find it. Restoration Ministries stands ready to serve you or someone you know who needs to be restored to God’s love. Pastor Steve’s ministry specializes in restoration and renewal of relationships.

Steve has a heart for people who are hurting and feel defeated. He is experienced in crisis counseling and is sought out for consultation regarding spiritual and emotional restoration and renewal.

He also has a special place in his heart for pastors and their families. He understands the unique challenges and pressures pastors face today. He’s been described as a “pastor to pastors.” Mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell, Steve’s ministry has included roles as associate pastor and senior pastor. He has served in church settings from a start-up church to the staff of a mega-church.

Steve has been happily married to his wife Jo Ann for forty-one years. They have two children and three grandchildren.